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PADTAN ZIST PAJOOH Company is a dynamic young company which has redefined the concept of technical selling in recent times. Padtan Zist Pajooh has a team of individuals who have worked in the Biotech industry and understand their specific needs. We, at Padtan Zist Pajooh try to provide our clients the best products and services.

We Provide a broad range of laboratory products for the following fields: Cell culture, Molecular biology, Genomics and proteomics.

Our products are formulated to ensure accurate, reproducible results, and produced with the strictest quality standards to provide consistent performance lot after lot.

We also provide marketing and distribution of solutions to global biotech and healthcare companies having an interest growing in the Iranian market.

Padtan Zist Pajooh operates in the following two segments:

  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Biotech research 

Our scientific staff is here to support you in selecting and using our products. 

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E-mail: info@padtanzistpajooh.ir

New Phone Number: (+98)2166961629

Fax: (+98)2166414087

Address : Unit 3,No 6,First Alley ,Pirnia Alley ,Forsat  street ,Enghelab Square ,Tehran,Iran.

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